In memory of Ben Goddard

You never know the many paths your life can take. And you only sometimes know when a choice will change your life forever. For me, meeting and working for Ben Goddard is the choice – that choice – that has defined the last fifteen years of my life and my entire career in public affairs.

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Sue Zoldak
How did we get to #Oprah2020? Let’s break down the blame.

Raise your hand if someone in your Facebook or Twitter News Feed posted about Oprah Winfrey being a wise choice to be the next president in the last 24-hours. Sunday night, Ms. Winfrey was the recipient of the Cecil B. DeMille Award at the Golden Globes and gave a rousing acceptance speech. It was a great speech, for someone winning an award for her contribution to television and cinema. But...what happened next??

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The 4 foundations of a winning issue advocacy campaign

A winning issue advocacy campaign presents an issue in a way that resonates with the audience’s own self-interests, while keeping the overall message in line with the organization’s ultimate mission. Such a campaign reflects a desire to create a mutually beneficial relationship that, over time, achieves tangible benefits for both parties. How does an organization achieve this?

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