Sue weighs in on being a Republican woman in the age of Trump

Sue's quote in The Atlantic's "Women exit the party of trump," on how Trump is not an issue for recruiting women to the party:

“This is one of the main differences between the left and the right: We don’t see every issue as being a ‘man’s issue,’ or a ‘woman’s issue.’ It’s not a men-against-women, us-against- them mentality,” said Sue Zoldak, the head of communications for RightNOW Women PAC. “I don’t understand the idea that something is a ‘women’s issue.’ I don’t comprehend that as a statement.”


"Zoldak stressed that Republican women won’t support a candidate because of her gender but rather because she is the most qualified person in the race. “It’s not actually smart to tell women that you had to have voted for Hillary Clinton to be a good woman,” said Zoldak.

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