Did Cam Newton give a poor performance in his post Super Bowl 50 press conference?

Sue's fellow PR pro, Gail Sidemen, takes the temperature from around the country.

"Then came the Super Bowl 50 postgame press conference when Cam behaved badly after his Panthers lost to the Broncos 24-10. He arrived to speak to the media dejected, dressed in a hoodie, answered a couple of questions with a word or two and abruptly left the stage," writes Gail. "He’s been called classless, a sore loser and lots of other things not fit for family print."

Sue's response:

Sue Zoldak said, “I think it is pretty unfair of the ecosystem – media and fans – to treat professional athletes as if they are robots programmed to deliver on a good (i.e. provide entertainment value). The Super Bowl is the biggest day in the lives of these humans and for many, a one-time chance to live a life-long dream. That’s a lot of pressure.

“And whether there is self-induced pressure that’s introduced it’s not something that we should punish someone for after the fact. Isn’t that what we want as viewers?”

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