Sue discusses the importance of down ballot races in 2016

Sue's quote in The Atlantic's "The Lament of the Anti-Trump Republican Women" on what really matters in the 2016 for the GOP:

“A lot of people who normally are very involved in presidential politics are really focused on helping Republicans keep control of Congress,” said Sue Zoldak, the vice chair of communications for RightNOW Women PAC. For Zoldak and RightNOW Women, this means helping more Republican gals win and hold office. Pointing to lawmakers like Senator Kelly Ayotte and Representatives Elise Stefanik and Barbara Comstock, Zoldak asserts, “It’s more important than ever for these women to win these races, just to give that voice to other Republican women and to the conservative movement in general.”

As Zoldak observes, “It’s important for people to look at the big picture. Republican leadership does not just boil down to the White House.” By helping women get elected to other federal and state offices, it helps voters “see that this party is not just Mitt Romney or Donald Trump.”

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