What’s in my bag: An RNC convention week survival kit

It is the best of times. It is the worst of times.

I learned my lessons from ’08 and ’12. Convention week is hard. There’s laughing, cheering, and sometimes crying – oh, yes, the crying. I thought I’d share a fun post about “what’s in my bag” as we all attempt to make it through this harrowing week of politics, panel discussions, and parties.

  1. Clinique’s Even Better Eyes. I hate to start on a somber note, but if you didn’t start applying an under eye cream two weeks ago – several times a day – you’re already in the hole. Black circles need to be fought vigorously. There should be a congressional budget just for this health hazard. Quickly, start now before you continue reading.
  2. Herban Essentials Eucalyptus Towelettes. These individually packed hand wipes soaked in essential oils are a natural way to fight germs. These also come in lemon but the eucalyptus scent opens up your airwaves and doubles as an “oxygen” kit. Oxygen is a good thing.
  3. Three cell phones. Extra batteries are too slow to deploy and don’t help facilitate simultaneous multi-cell usage! Why carry around dead weight? (Or Chris Christies. Sorry, couldn’t resist.) I carry around a Samsung Note (being used to take this picture), an iPhone (reluctantly) and a Blackberry (nostalgia). This is because I am often talking on one while texting on another and social posting on the third. Expert hint: Have all the numbers forwarded to one phone OR just never answer your phone, because why.
  4. Business cards. This one is self-explanatory. I use extra thick stock for mine so that I can reach into my purse and know immediately by feel which ones are mine. (h/t Moo.com)
  5. Vitamin Pack. Extra ginseng and B vitamins are a convention week must. Do not underestimate the power of vitamin-loading!
  6. Kopiko Coffee Hard Candies. I first discovered these in Chelsea Market in cute tiny little boxes. Then I discovered them in bulk from Amazon! Then I discovered each candy has the equivalent caffeine of a cup of coffee!! Then I discovered they don’t give you a stomach ache like chocolate covered espresso beans!!!!
  7. Foot Anti-Blister Balm. Apply before putting on shoes of any kind everywhere your foot touches your shoe. It’s a life saver. You will thank me about 9pm tonight. You’re welcome in advance. In a pinch, lip balm works, too.
  8. Extra lapel pins. Share your patriotism with those that forget to pack this convention wardrobe essential.
  9. Hand cream. Put your best hand first when networking and power lounge watching! Make sure to pick one that doesn’t make your palms feel greasy…unless that is the reputation you are trying to keep up. Uh, right.
  10. 1-Minute Face Peel. Look, I’m just going to be blunt. Sometimes in the cab ride home you just want that makeup and sweat to come off your face and why waste that time in the car?! It’s the perfect mini-facial time!

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Also, join me as at RightNOW Women PAC’s Bourbon and Blooms party! We are inside one of Cleveland’s newest clubs (not yet open to the public) that is hidden behind a donut shop! Tickets here: http://bit.ly/RNWParty.